S U R P L U S  R E C Y C L I N G

Computer Scrap and Surplus

eWaste, Computers, and Electronics

Dispose of your used PC's, laptops, & telephone equipment.

Tax Receipt Available. Call today. 

We do asset recovery. 

We want your excess IT gear. Late model CPU's , GPU's, memory, and server/workstations. 

Give us a chance to bid on them. 

Also wanted: 

Defective Flat panel monitors 
Dead or alive laptops 
DEC, HP, and COMPAQ servers and mainframe equipment 

Free pick-up: 818-660-8550 

E-mail: surplusrecycling@yahoo.com

Scrap and Surplus

We want your old and obsolete computer systems, parts, and mainframes. 

We also want old telephone equipment.


a load of computers hauled on a trailer

For free pick-up call: 818-660-8550  


We Are Open
2904 Casitas Ave
Los Angeles CA 90039 USA

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday

(818) 660-8550

Email address:

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